Mercedes Benz CLK

The Mercedes Benz CLK looks similar to an E-Class coupe. The CLK holds its own in the premium sector due largely to lack of competition. It’s either the hard riding BMW Series or the Mercedes CLK. These are the two major contenders in this sector. Many mature buyers find the car very appealing.



The car tends to run in two modes, people either love it or they don’t. In this sector people looking to buy a premium coupe often look to Mercedes’ or BMW’s 3 Series Coupe. The two cars cater to two very different driving styles. The CLK is more refined while the 3 Series is racier and delivers a harder ride.

The CLK isn’t designed for performance. It is designed for luxury driving and comfort. The CLK is an expensive purchase and not everyone will be able to afford it. It is driven by an elite few who have the money and aren’t out to prove anything. It’s a simple car.

Mercedes has provided a long list of cost options that will undoubtedly prove to be expensive as well.  expensive. Some items are provided as standard on most other cars are found on the option list of the CLK. Items such as transmission, parking sensors, and a CD changer have all made the options list.

Mercedes has taken full advantage of the power the badge has to offer. Image conscious buyers will be willing to pay more for the extra comfort items and the priviledge of owning and driving a Mercedes Benz.


 The CLK will be costly both for initial purchase and running costs. For sensible fuel economy, the diesel engine is the best choice. Fuel economy aside, insurance and regular servicing costs will be high as well. The good news is that the CLK should enjoy high resale value.

 The front passengers have plenty of room and will not feel crowded. In the rear seats, two adults will fit, though not comfortably for long periods. The boot is spacious and will hold a stroller or a good deal of shopping, but probably couldn’t hold both at the same time.

All controls and dials are easy to read and are logically placed. The climate control system and audio adjustment is easy to operate, but the car’s COMAND system proves to be much more difficult to operate.

The cabin is quieter with a petrol engine, but the diesel engine isn’t too bothersome. With plenty of cabin space, both the front and rear passengers will be comfortable with plenty of head and legroom. Long journeys are made more enjoyable with a smooth suspension system.

Front seat passengers won’t have any problem accessing the cabin. The rear passengers however, will have a hard time when entering and exiting the two-door CLK.

The CLK’s steering is slightly heavy, making it a bit difficult to park. Thankfully, it is easy to judge distances and boundaries of the car. Parking sensors will be helpful when reverse parking, as it is hard to see the end of the boot.

Life Style

 The CLK can deliver a quality ride whether it’s in the form of a long journey or a shorter more spirited ride. The steering can be on the heavy side but, combined with some essential options the car can deliver quite a nice ride. For ride quality, avoid the bigger alloy wheels. The diesel engine out performs the low low-end petrol variants in terms of torque.

 The CLK may accommodate a very young family, rear seat access is fine for small children. The car’s boot is similar to that of a traditional family car. Mercedes fits Isofix child seat mounting points in the back.

This would make a decent first car for the buyer who could afford such a purchase. The car tends to be a little difficult to park and novice drivers may have a difficult time judging the car’s extremities. Running costs will also run high.

Mercedes has produced several models over the past years that have been of inferior quality. This has hurt the company’s image somewhat. There are buyers who would pay high prices for a Mercedes even of lesser quality. The CLK will help to improve the company’s image as far as quality concerns.

Security and Safety

 Mercedes are highly sought after vehicles among car thieves. The car comes standard with remote central locking, while ‘Keyless Go’ is an tempting option. Completing the list of standard kit is a security alarm and an engine immobiliser.

The car comes equipped with twin front, side and window airbags. The standard kit also includes anti lock brakes, brake assist and an electronic stability and anti-skid programme. Depending on the variant, powerful xenon headlamps may be an option.

The Finishing Touches

 Standard fit is a single CD player and radio unit. The sound quality is goodand the basic functions have been duplicated on the steering wheel for driver convenience.

Silver is by far one of the most popular colors for Mercedes. Black is also a very flattering color and will show off the car’s lines. The car’s interior is comprised of mostly blacks, and the leather seat upgrade is well worth the additional costs.


 The CLK is an interesting and practical purchase. Buyers will not be disappointed in the quality of comfort, level of practicality, or the solid quality of build.