Mercedes Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz recently introduced a new concept into its B-Class. A vehicle that offers a high level of practicality and more than adequate interior space for five passengers for a premium price.



The company vowed to introduce a premium car into each sector and it kept its word. This sector is usually associated with bargain cars and practicality. So, imagine the shock when Mercedes produced the five seater with tons of practicality into this segment of the market, and then attached a high purchase price.

The B-Class is not a car that immediately impresses. The car is just not attractive. Even sporting the Mercedes badge may not be enough to distract buyers from the fact that the car is not up to Mercedes usual standard of elegance and good looks.

Inside, fit and finish is superior to all other brands. Many of the useful and favorite features are offered as cost options, such as the foldable and removable front passenger seat. The diesel-powered variants are the best options available.

Mercedes is trying very hard to market the car to the younger generation of buyers. Despite somewhat misleading marketing claims the car is not sporty or that appealing to the younger generation. It makes one wonder if the company had a plan before they designed the car.


The B-Class is an expensive car to purchase, and the many tempting options will only raise the already high asking price. The good news is that the car’s resale value should remain high, and the engine choices are better than one might think.

The little B-Class offers good passenger space for a compact estate car. The car has been uniquely designed to provide more cabin space. The car’sThe car’s hatch is practical and rear seats fold to provide additional storage space. As a cost option a removable front passenger seat is available.

The main controls and dials are layed out in a simple cinfiguration. Mercedes resisted the urge to over-complicate the controls. The switches and buttons are high quality and easy to use and understand.

The car has really comfortable seats that come as standard fit. There are numerous upgrades and options available that have been designed with comfort in mind.

Due to a high seating position access to the B-Class is excellent. The doors provide an adequate sized opening and most passengers shouldn’t have any problems accessing the car’s cabin.

The car’s unique shape provides poor rear and side visibility. This makes the car a little more difficult to park. Steering is light at low speeds and helps when it comes to parking. The car is also small enough that it is easier to park than a larger car or SUV.

Life Style

Mercedes is promoting the B-Class as somewhat of a spirited ride. The car’s design doesn’t really permit it to be much of a performer. The 1.5-litre petrol unit feels underpowered, and there is very little driver involvement with the B-Class.

The B-Class would make a decent family car. It provides sufficient cabin space and comfort to accommodate a family. The car’s boot is also large enough to accommodate some practical family items.

This is not likely to be the first choice of first time car buyers. It isn’t exciting or sporty, and it will be fairly expensive. There are much more appropriate cars available.

The B-Class is a difficult car to categorize. It will be interesting to see if the car sells more on its own merit or more because of the Merecedes badge and its loyal clan of buyers.

Security and Safety

The car comes equipped standard with remote central locking, a security alarm and an engine immobiliser, a visible VIN, and an automatic door locking feature. Security is one area that Mercedes owners can’t take too lightly.

The car’s design may help protect passengers in the event of a collision, but the vehicle comes with two-stage front airbags, belt pre-tensioners in the front and on the outer rear seats, adaptive belt force limiters, and Isofix child seat mountings. The car sports new head and thorax sidebags s well. There are other safety features available as cost options.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system comes with VHF, MW, LW and SW as well as a CD player. Buyers can upgrade to an optional sound system that provides surround sound. The car’s basic functions are duplicated on the steering wheel for convenience.integration.

The standard level of trim is barely satisfactory for a Mercedes. There are several upgrades available such as an exterior lighting and visibility package, interior lighting package, sports package, exterior chrome package and seating comfort package. An SE upgrade will be necessary for most buyers.


The B-Class Mercedes more represents the company than the sector it was introduced into. Buyers will know that there are better cars out there for the same or less money, yet many will pay solely for the privilege of owning a Mercedes.

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