Mercedes GL-Class

Mercedes’ GL-Class is their contribution to the seven-seat people carrier. Now Mercedes can better meet the needs of families who can afford such a vehicle. The GL-Class is no wider than the smaller ML model, but it’s longer and boasts a third row of seats. The Mercedes GL provides a quality cabin and an impressive engine range to help accommodate the vehicles versatile abilities.



The company’s SUVs have evolved. The first SUVs could go off-road and handle harsh terrain well, but was not very functional on the road. Today’s SUVs give a high level of off road functionality mixed with great levels of refinement and passenger comfort.

The Mercedes-Benz GL shares many of the same qualities as less expensive competitors. Buyers loyal to the Mercedes brand are willing to pay the additional costs for the priviledge of staying loyal to the brand and all that the vehicle offers.

The GL has addressed all the concerns and issues of the ML. Now the car is refined and enhanced for better performance and driver satisfaction both on the road and off. Another high point for the GL is the addition of the third row of seats. The GL will be hard to beat.

The GL’s 4×4 transmission provides permanent all-wheel drive, locking diffs, and a low ratio gearbox that allows the GL to go full force while off-road. The car’s engine range includes a powerful V8 diesel.


The GL-Class is expensive to purchase. The options can quickly add up and increase an already high purchase price. The Diesel engine option will offer some relief in the form of fuel savings.

With both the rear rows of seats folded flat, the GL is capable of increasing its cargo carrying capabilities. The rear load lip is at a good height, and the car is very spacious and provides more than adequate room for passenger comfort. Even in the third row of seats passenger space is adequate.

The GL’s controls and dials are similar to other models in the Mercedes line. The controls and dials are easy to read and use. The GL’s gearshift is easy to operate. The steering wheel controls for the audio unit, trip computer and phone are a convenient addition. The car’s COMAND unit can prove somewhat difficult to learn.

The car’s seats are extremely comfortable and the cabin successfully filters out  engine and road noise. The car’s suspension has been designed with comfort in mind and it delivers a smooth and convincing ride. The space that the cabin provides adds to the over all comfort of the ride.

The car provides good accessibility. Front and rear passengers have a slight step up in order to access the car’s cabin. This shouldn’t pose much of a problem, and most passengers should be able to access the cabin with little trouble. The third row of seats can automatically be folded down with the press of a button, and the tailgate can be electronically controlled as well.

The car is large, but many factors contribute to making the car an easy vehicle to park. The cars large side mirrors help provide good vision, and the car provides light steering at low speeds. The car is also fitted with parking sensors that help ensure that parking is not too troublesome.

Life Style

The car provides a smooth ride due largely to its competent air suspension system. The car’s steering is precise but lacks in feedback. The car boasts an impressive line of engines. The car delivers a quality and competent ride on and off the road.

This is an excellent family car. It provides tons of passenger space and comfort. The car has a large bopot and can accommodate an array of people and cargo items. The vehicle offers good versatility for an active and growing family. The expensive interior material is the only drawback.

This is not a good first car. It is too big and expensive, and it can be difficult to park. There are definitely better choices out there for new drivers.

Recent models of Mercedes enjoy a higher level of quality materials and attention to detail. The company’s image is on the rise for using a better quality of materials in the cars cabins.

Security and Safety

The car comes standard with a security alarm and engine immobiliser. Remote central locking is standard. For added security a tracking device may prove to be worth the extra expense.

The car comes equipped standard with front, side and curtain airbags. The car also includes electronic traction and stability devices, geared toward preventing or lessening the impact of a crash.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit is of good quality and produces excellent sound quality. Many upgrades are available, such as CD changers, full colour sat-nav system, hands free telephone and headrest mounted screens. The basic audio controls are duplicated on the car’s steering wheel.

The car looks most flattering in silver or black. These colors give the car a classier, more expensive look. The car’s interior looks best in light colors that tend to exagerate the cabin’s spacious feel even more.


The car’s size makes it attractive within its market and also within its price range. The GL has a lot to offer families in the way of comfort, convenience, and versatility.

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