Mercedes SLK

Mercedes has introduced its latest stab at developing a serious sports car. The SLK utilizes a V8 engine range and offers a Performance Pack variant.

The company has built on the many successes of the SLK model, and has created the AMG version which provides high performance, improved dynamics and exceptional looks. The Performance Pack, is an optional extra which includes a variety of visual and mechanical enhancements designed to boost the capabilities of the roadster’s all ready capable V8 engine.

At the heart of the AMG version is the 5.5-litre engine. The car uses a seven-speed automatic transmission. The Performance Pack consists of larger composite brake discs, uprated suspension, a unique steering wheel finished in leather and Alcantara, and 18-inch alloy wheels. The result is a fantastic sports car with power and speed, and the brakes and suspension designed to cope with the car’s abilities.

The AMG version has received a number of exterior enhancements, including a newly designed front end, side skirts and a chunkier rear bumper. The car also boasts a twin exit exhaust and rear spoiler. The AMG version has a much more powerful presence than the MLK version.


The SLK is an expensive car to buy and run. Add on the Performance Pack, high insurance rates, fuel expenses, and high repair costs and it is easy to exactly how expensive this purchase will be.

This is not the most spacious car on the market. It provides adequate passenger space but that’s about it. The boot is oddly shaped but practical, and various storage compartments are available in the cabin.

There are several controls arranged on the fascia. The controls are well laid out and functional. The car’s basic functions are duplicated on the steering wheel.

The Mercedes  provides a high level of comfort. The seats are supportive yet comfortable, and Noise levels are good and the car is fun with the roof down. The car’s optional Airscarf system also blows warm air around the neck, keeping the passengers warm and toasty with the roof down.

Access to the car’s cabin is good. The doors open wide and with the top down access is even easier. When the top is down, access to the boot is significantly hindered.

Parking is easy with the roof down, but with the top up the car can be tricky to park. Vision is limited and the large alloy wheels can be difficult to judge.

Life Style

The car’s small size and folding roof are very appealing. Add in the powerful 5.5-litre AMG V8 engine and the car scores major points. The car’s revised suspension provides excellent control and grip, and the car’s brakes have been enhanced for optimum results.

This is not a family car. The car’s two seats are not adequate for even a small family. It might make an interesting second car for a family, but could not function as a family’s primary vehicle.

This is an unlikely first car. It’s expensive pourchase price, insurance rates, and running costs probably rule it out for most novice drivers. Not to mention the fact that the car provides too much power for most newly licensed drivers.

This little sports car boasts very high quality materials with an exceptional feel. The car can easily stand on its own merit, however; the Mercedes badge certainly won’t hurt anything.

Security and Safety

The car comes standard with an alarm system with an engine immobiliser and interior protection. The car can be left with the top down while the alarm is still engaged. The roof can be closed remotely via the key fob.

The car’s safety features include ABS, ESP, airbags and xenon headlamps. The optional Performance Package includes an improved braking system and firm suspension.

The Finishing Touches

Fitted as a suggested option is the six-disc CD changer and surround sound stereo system. The system provides excellent sound quality. The system is expensive but worth it.

The car’s cabin is comprised of quality plastics and leather, giving the cabin a luxury feel. Red leather is an option and gives the interior a bold feel that manages to turn a fair share of heads.


The car enjoys a high standard of build, and has improved sports car appeal. The Performance Pack is an expensive option but enthusiastic drivers will find it a must have.

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